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3d animation dubai

To effectively manage projects, we follow below mentioned work process to project management, which encompass and involves the customer as well as the customer’s customer.

Step One: Project Discovery & Requirement Outline

We pay great heed to your needs and wants. We communicate constantly to gather information and painstakingly construct queries to get complete insight into your requirements and expectations.

A. It is essential that client’s furnish floor plans and elevations (CAD drawings / Sketches) to help us visualize project magnitudes.
B. To fulfill our client’s requirements of 3D modern hi-tech presentations, we may need the following:

1. Specify the number of interior and exterior images to view
2. We need to know the viewing angle and therefore need your help to mark it in order to indicate the viewing perspective or bird’s eye view. The angle is unalterable once we start work.
3. We would like to be informed of any particular feature you want incorporated based on pixels, size, height, width, aspect ratio and dpi, and resolution of images, such as 3000x1200pixels, 100dpi or 90cmx60cm, 80dpi etc. Instructions and data provided before work starts will help us create images you require. In absence of specific requirements our standard image would be not bigger than 4000pixelsx4000pixels and 72dpi.
C. Our clients include architects, designers, property developers, building companies and real estate agencies. In seeking a high quality 3D Walkthrough Animation in virtual reality, our clients will have to decide on:

1. Duration of the presentation
2. The kinds of images needed
3. A rough story-board
4. Aspects to be highlighted

Step Two: Quote, Timeline and Project Approval

The preparation of quotes/scopes and timelines of a project depending on client’s expectations and needs is an important facet of the projects work process.

After analyzing, assessing and rooting details we present our clients with a detailed schedule of terms of deliverables and when they will be delivered, to enable them to follow the progress of the project.

A contract is also drawn up that includes billing and payment terms. Once these are approved, we accept an advance amount from our clients for smooth completion of the project. These measures ensure that we reach your objectives on time, and on-budget.

Step Three: 3D Modeling

We begin our production process with 3D modeling draft that act as base objects before construction of 3D solids. The 3D model drafts are useful as visual communication to others for presentation, brainstorming, assessing and reviewing defects. Clients can mark changes directly in the drafting module. 3D modeling is created using 3D images prepared from CAD drawings / Sketches provided by the client. With client approval we at 3D Labz proceed to create 3D models that are visual representations of our client’s ideas.

Step Four: Camera path movie / Landscape Images

1. For 3D Walkthrough Animation

We prepare a camera path movie (wireframe) once the models are given a go ahead by our clients. Architecture, designing and urban planning are fields where such virtual environment tours created using simulation technology, is used to show a birds eye-view through camera moves, and what is shown and in what order. Client’s approval is sought at this stage and opinions for change in the multiple views for perspective through camera movement if any is entertained.

Find a sample of camera path below:

2. For 3D rendering

For client approval 3D images in low resolution will be created with landscaping, textures, and lighting for preview. Final high-resolution images for endorsement will be sent later once consent is given after seeing the preview.

Find an example of preview image with client markings on the same.

Step Five: Preview Images

3D Walkthrough Animation Project
Once, rendering -a transformation from wireframe (camera path movie) to a virtually realistic representation of the subject with textures, lighting and even animation is complete, we can create a preview images with landscaping and people / vehicles for the exterior view, and furniture for interiors. This will give the client a clear image of what the final presentation will look like and are able to mark their comments on the preview images.

Some examples of preview images with client comments marked on the images are given below:

Step Six: Final Rendering

3D Walkthrough Animation Project
We proceed with rendering the animation, once the wireframe and preview images are given the stamp of approval by the client.

Step Seven: Post Production

3D Walkthrough Dubai Animation Project

After rendering is complete, we are left with postproduction tasks like combining scenes, adding background music, graphics, interior and exterior landscaping and voice over.

Step Eight: Project Delivery

The completed project is uploaded on the server from where clients can easily download it. A separate online area that is secure is set up for each client. If necessary file transfer protocol sites can also be set up to access data. 3D images can be sent through emails also.

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